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About This Project

PT Mobil Anak Bangsa Indonesia (MABI) was established in 2017 and founded by Mr. General TNI (Retired) Dr. Moeldoko as an act of supporting the Government’s program in the General Plan of the National Energy of the Republic of Indonesia, in accordance to the Government's commitment through the memorandum of understanding signing in The 21st Climate Change Conference held in Paris, French in 2015 (Paris Protocol).

MABI is a national automotive company engaged primarily in the supply of electric vehicles and its supporting industries, including manufacturing, distribution, spare parts and supporting infrastructure for electric vehicles.

Currently MABI has 7 subsidiaries, consist of:

  1. PT Mobil Anak Bangsa
  2. PT Motor Anak Bangsa
  3. PT MAB Transportasi Indonesia
  4. PT MAB Sparepart Indonesia
  5. PT MAB Distributor Indonesia
  6. PT MAB Land System
  7. PT MAB SPLU Indonesia