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Built on over 35 years of experience in power generator, PT. TKMA has become one of Indonesia’s leading power solutions providers. Throughout its years of experience, PT. TKMA has been delivering power to different parts throughout Indonesia, covering both utility and non-utility sectors.

Supplying service with soundproof-canopied sets suitable for fast, mobile operation under heavy conditions, PT. TKMA is capable of meeting energy requirements of all capacities, including the use of synchronized sets. PT. TKMA’s collective experiences have led to deep understanding of the terrains and the industry, to provide quick, customized power solutions for all, everywhere in Indonesia.

Years of experience in the power solution industry have also encouraged PT. TKMA to be more responsible toward the environment. Working together with employees, suppliers, and customers, continuous improvements have been made on all engineering aspects to ensure that the products are sustainable and friendly for the environment.

Moving ahead with the aim of expanding its business even further, the company began renting Forklift in 2013, and has since been active in this field with customers in various parts of Indonesia, ranging from ceramics industry to agribusiness.

Looking ahead to the future, PT. TKMA aims to become not only the dominant generator sets rental company, but also one of the main rental companies for various heavy equipment in the country, utilizing our knowledge, experience, and the continuous development and upgrading of our products.